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SEO Scarborough is a big deal and if you carry out SEO in Scarborough you are set to be way ahead of the game.

It is clear many local business owners in Scarborough have not yet fully embraced the power of the internet…and as you are here on this page I assume you have.

I see lots of shiny new websites being created for local businesses but honestly what use is your website if nobody can find it online?
It appears that business owners seem to believe that “If you build it they will come!”, sadly this is not the case. The internet is literally saturated with Billions of websites and if you want to get heard through all that noise then there are a few tricks you need to employ.

Four Simple Steps to make your website work

There are four very simple stages to create a 24/7 marketing machine online. Your website should be working for you day and night 365 days a year pulling in prospects and driving them to do business with you. However if prospects cannot find you how can they deal with you?

Essential Search Engine Statistics for SEO Scarborough

• 93% of all online experience starts with a search engine
• Google owns 70% of the Search Engine Market share
• 89% of all users never search beyond the second page
• 72% of all users click on the first 3 results

If you are not showing up on the first 2 pages then your website is virtually invisible.

If you have ANY competitors featuring higher than you in search results then you ARE losing business to them.

These four easy steps are all that is needed to get you above the competition and have your website generating more Leads and Profit:

1. Keyword Research – Pick profitable Buyer related search terms to rank for.
2. Competition Analysis – How easy is it to rank for your most profitable KWs, what are your competitors doing to occupy those coveted top ranks?
3. Layout your website to ensure Google relates your website to your Profitable KW’s
4. Build authority around your keywords to your website

A Step by Step Process to SEO Scarborough

You are no doubt already aware of the hundreds of SEO companies all vying for your business; everyone trying to sell their latest Whizz BANG service to get you to #1 in just 3 hours or whatever crazy scheme they have dreamt up.

So instead of listening to my Sales Pitch let’s turn this completely on its head!

How about I show you the steps I take to help rank my Clients in Google?

Access my Online Blueprint today where I will teach you the tricks used to rank on Search Engines such as Google, I will explain the fatal mistakes you need to avoid if you want to leverage the power of Social Media and finally I will show you a sneaky trick to spy on your competition and find out exactly what they are spending and how they are running Paid Advertising online.

• Dominate Google
• Avoid the fatal Social Media mistakes everyone makes
• Spy on your competition with one simple trick

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